Frith Nourishing Body Soap 〔Pre-Order Promotion〕

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- Pre-order Promotion -
新品預購價: $128 (售價:$158)
預購截止日期:2021925 23:59(預購貨品將會在9月尾寄出,預期46星期內到達香港)

橄欖油、有機公平貿易可可油、燕麥片、高嶺土、洋甘菊花、精油(乳香、薰衣草、橙 [柑橘])、雲母、氧化物

This luxurious, cruelty-free cold processed soap will flood your bath time with sweet, meadow sunlight. Made with the saponified oil of olives and hydrating cocoa butter for superior hydration and creamy lather, Frith Nourishing Body Soap leaves skin softer than bunny fur! Restorative Kaolin clay gently removes dead cells without damage or drying, as ground oatmeal and swirls of chamomile flowers soothe irritation and inflammation.

This indulgent bar is named for the lapine (rabbit) deification of the Sun. The silky lather, real blossoms, and bright, warm scent of orange, lavender, and frankincense essential oils evoke the midday merriment of nature's softest creatures.

Ingredients: saponified olive [olea europaea] oil, organic fair trade cocoa [theobroma cacao] butter, oatmeal, kaolin clay, chamomile [ormenis multicaulis] flowers, essential oils (frankincense [boswellia carteri], lavender [lavendula angustifolia], orange [citrus sinensis]), micas, oxides

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