Tarot Mucha by Lo Scarabeo

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這副牌是對新藝術運動先驅阿爾方斯·穆夏的非凡致敬,它融合了 20 世紀初的清新之美以及塔羅牌的永恆智慧和理解。 這個特別版包含全圖像和一本小冊子,揭示了隱藏在卡片中的每一個秘密。

Lo Scarabeo牌的配套手冊有五種語言版本:英語、西班牙語、法語、意大利語和德語。

✍︎  包含說明書,78張神塔羅牌,70x120mm; 
✍︎  店內塔羅牌與占卜工具都是由當地生產商/發行商直送到HolyBubbles

An extraordinary tribute to art nouveau pioneer Alphonse Mucha, this deck embraces the fresh beauty of the dawning of the twentieth century along with the eternal wisdom and understanding of the tarot. This special edition contains full-bleed images and a booklet that reveals every secret hidden in the cards.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

✍︎ Instructional booklet included. 78 cards. Card stack is 70x120mm
✍︎ Tarot cards & divination tools in the store are delivered directly to HolyBubbles by local producers/distributors. 

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