Selenite Bowl〔月亮女神淨化〕

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Selēnitēs 這個名字來源於希臘的月亮女神Selene,代表著寧靜、祝福、愛與光明。透石膏是強大的淨化及療癒工具,能夠清除負能量、守護並且為能量場提供護盾,幫助抵擋負面影響;也理想的淨化工具,能夠同時淨化個人身心、水晶和空間。

- 功用 - 
✣ 幫助冥想、連接信仰智慧丶心靈感應等
✣ 淨化空間丶氣場及個人心靈
✣ 暢通身體各個脈輪,加強個人Moon energy



Selenite bowls are the perfect way to hold your other crystals and jewelry, or can be just a stand alone piece.

Selenite is a crystalline variety of gypsum that gets its name from the Greek word selēnitēs, meaning stone of the moon. Selenite has a high vibration that helps with luck, protection, and will recharge any crystals you put in it.

The piece you receive may vary slightly in shape, color, and size from our natural product pictures

Around 10 cm x 4 cm
Shaped and polished selenite from Morocco.

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