Sacred Herbal Incense〔祝福香枝〕

適用於祈禱、儀式、冥想和瑜伽。 也可用作房間、畫廊、精品店、朋友寫作、閱讀,營造神聖氛圍。


巴厘島的傳統和神聖祝福下製造,香味柔和、溫暖,以甜味為主。 由混合各種乾花粉、香木粉和以香料為主而成,再與牛奶混合用手揉搓形成香枝,為生活帶來獨特的品香體驗。

分鐘 (一盒12)

Used as aromatherapy, it gives us a comfortable, calm, peaceful and warm atmosphere, as well as being able to clean the air from negative residues. It is suitable for prayer, ceremony, meditation and yoga. Can also be used as a room deodorizer, gallery, boutique, friend to write, read, and build a holy atmosphere.

Aromatherapy Ayur Herbal Bali Mini Hotri, the fragrance is soft, warm, spicy and dominantly sweet. Made from a mixture of various kinds of dried flower powder, fragrant wood powder and tree sap which is dominated by spices, then combined with milk oil and processed according to Balinese traditions and sacredness.

Burning Time
30-45 mins (12 sticks per pack)

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