Rose Incense 〔打開心輪〕

玫瑰線香帶來驚艷的香氣來打開你的心輪,將情感帶入你的家中和生活中。 玫瑰油、花朵和花梨木是這種香味的前提。 通過玫瑰傳達心與心之間的關懷,提高人們之間的連結,讓空間營造出一種親密的氛圍,讓香味引領它的方向。


35至45分鐘 (一包20枝)

Rose incense are made out of customary concentrates that offer an extremely diligent scent. Open your heart chakra for these roses to bring sentiment and agreement into your home. Rose oil, bloom, and rosewood are the premise of this scent. She raises solidarity among individuals through the caring inclination she conveys. The incense sticks emit a botanical new aroma and make an atmosphere of closeness where the fragrance discovers its direction.

STRESS RELIEF : Our authentic hand-rolled incense sticks create soothing aromas relaxing your mind

MULTIPLE USES : For cleansing aura, burn our incense sticks, eradicate negativity and promote space

ORGANIC BLEND : With high-quality Charcoal, essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, flowers & resins

Burning Time
35 to 45 mins (20 sticks per pack)

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