Reve D'or Lotin

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L.T. Piver的Reve d'Or是一款東方型花香調的女用香水。 Reve d'Or是在1889年推出的。 前調是天竺葵, 橙子花, 香根草 和 茶玫瑰(薔薇); 中調是天芥菜; 基調是檀木。

過去常常制止不利條件,並為運氣,愛情,金錢和幸福開闢道路。 氣味將幫助您保持健康,活潑,頭腦清晰,情緒穩定和平衡

Used to put an end to adverse conditions and open the way for luck, love, money, and happiness. The scent will help you stay well, fell more alive, more clear-headed, emotionally stable and balanced. 

It is classified as a floral bouquet fragrance for women.

  • Top notes: aldehydes, lemon, geranium, basil, cloves
  • Middle notes: heliotrope, carnation, lilac, tea rose, orange blossom
  • Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver, musk

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