Psychic Protector

引導這位兇猛的雌獅女神的神聖能量。 在整個古埃及大部分地區,貓科動物都被崇拜。 他們被視為下埃及的保護者和國王的捍衛者。

連接到您的戰士原型性格可以使您進入人生的靈性道路。 它使您可以節省能量,適應更高的目標並且不受攻擊。

作為統治者,您可以使用世界上所有的力量,包括神聖女性和男性的所有智慧和知識。 內部嵌入的紫水晶是激活您的直覺和靈性意識的大門。 它是力量的源泉,可讓您以力量和領導他人前進。

它會睜開你的第三隻眼睛,並有助於記住和理解你的夢想以及從更高領域收到的信息。 貓科動物是勇士,這隻貓不會被弄亂,您必須準備好展望未來,並準備與世界分享您的願景。 我們必須團結起來,將您對未來的打算變為現實,這隻小貓將幫助您了解我們需要採取哪些步驟才能實現這一目標!

石榴、多汁桃子和新鮮玫瑰完美地配對,使您提升了這種皇家貓科動物的地位。 當您探索第三隻眼的脈輪並賦予您強大的女神的視力時,讓這些小貓力量保護您。



Channel the divine energy of this fierce lioness warrior goddess. Throughout most of ancient Egypt, felines have been worshiped. They were seen as the protectors of Lower Egypt, and as the defenders of the king.

Connecting to your warrior archetype gives you access to your spiritual path in life. It allows you to conserve your energy, become in-tuned to your higher purpose and unpuuurrrvoked to attacks.

As ruler you have access to all the power in the world, including all the wisdom and knowledge of both the divine feminine and masculine. The embedded Amethyst crystals inside acts as a portal entrance to activating your intuition and spiritual awareness. It is the source of power that will allow you to lead others with strength and nurturing motives.

It will open your third eye and assist in remembering and understanding your dreams and messages your receive from the higher realms. Felines are warriors and this kitty is not to be messed with, you must be ready to see into the future and be prepared to share your visions with the world. We must unite to make your intentions for the future a realities and this kitty will help you see what steps we need to take to get there!

We purr-fectly paired Pomegranate, Juicy Peach and Fresh Rose to elevate you to the status of this royal feline. Allow this kitties power to protect you as you explore your third eye chakra and give you the vision of a powerful goddess!

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), Mica, FD&C Water Soluble Color, Polysorbate 80 & Bio-Degradable Glitter

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