Jackpot Money Soap〔財富大獲勝〕

每天使用這款帶有清新香味的Jackpot Money Soap,可以從任何來源快速為你帶來財富、帶來好運。這樣就可以在任何賭場遊戲或其他機會遊戲中獲勝!


秘魯製造。3.3oz 。

Use this fresh scented Jackpot Money Soap daily so you can win at any casino game or other games of chance! It is believed to bring good fortune. Wash your body with the soap in the bath or shower while praying or meditating on your desired result. It's your turn to hit the jackpot!

Dream your lucky lottery numbers or receive that winning quick pick!
Win again and again!
Win at lottery.
Choose the winning numbers.
Win at gambling.
Bingo games.
Horse races.

Made in Peru. 3.3oz Bar of soap.

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