Holy Wood

〔 Holy Wood 〕



Holy Bubbles 聖木

  • 生態保育認可證書 - 由當地國家認可的森林保育機構發出
  • 由秘魯原居民直送 - 確保聖木的品質及能量不受破壞
  • 在野外長達4-10年發酵而成的獨有木香 - 只用野外生長並自然掉落的聖木

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Holy Wood is known as the natural tool for raising vibrations, purifying, cleansing bringing protection to the surroundings.
In order to avoid bringing damage to the nature, the HB Holy Wood was collected on the ground by native Peruvian inhabitants. After four to ten years of weathering and fermentation, these woods naturally emit a unique and rich aromatic scent of resin, which is absolutely in line with the principles of sustainable development.

Holy Bubbles Holy Wood

  • SUSTAINABLY CERTIFIED - Our certificate is approved by Peru National Forest Organization
  • DIRECT FROM PERU NATIVE - To ensure the quality and energy of Palo Santo, we import directly from Peru Native
  • WILDCRAFTED - Wildcrafted ONLY after dried for 4-10years , which gives the mellow scents of Palo Santo

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