Healing Rx Candle〔宇宙療癒〕



- 功用 - 
✣ 保持情緒平衡,順利與宇宙聯繫
✣ 深入潛意識、夢境的地方
✣ 不讓情緒影響生活
✣ 消除內在不平衡

尺寸:2" x 4"

燃燒時間:約40 小時

- 使用須知 - 
1. 點燃前取下所有包裝
2. 切勿在無人看管的情況下燃燒蠟燭
3. 利用蓋子或滅燭器熄滅燭火,不可用口吹熄
4. 睡覺前請記得熄滅蠟燭,不可點著睡覺

The ultimate spiritual, mental, & emotional healing boost to support the physical process.

A potion, a pill, a cure for all
This healing magic heeds my call
To clear this imbalance and lack of ease
Free me from struggle gift me the keys
Refill my vitality and strengthen my belief,
That this blessing will bring relief
Bring the support, help and aid I need
Be it human, spirit, or wisdom, bring it with speed.

Size: 2"x 4" Pillar
Burn Time: 40 Hours
Color: Deep Aqua
Scent: Sweet and Soothing

Remove all packaging before lighting.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Place in a fire safe container.
Keep away from drafts, flammable objects, children, and pets.

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