Facial Toner

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適合任何膚質的爽膚水 |富玫瑰與薰衣草香氣


金縷梅,玫瑰水溶膠,蘆薈液, 薰衣草精油,天然酒精,殺菌劑(天然防腐劑)

What a wonderful day for a refreshing spray! This Soothing Facial Toner is made with aloe, lavender, and rose water to lift your spirits while calming irritated skin. Keep a bottle in the cooler for an all-over pick-me-up on a hot day.
My customers have found uses ranging from stress-relief, to pillow spray, to aftershave. My favorite use is its original intention: to help clean and tighten pores after a good facial wash.

Witch hazel, rose hydrosol, aloe vera liquid, lavender essential oil, natural alcohol, leucidal (natural preservative)

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