Cat Candle

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Cat Candle

貓被認為有九條生命並且總是用腳著地,所以貓蠟燭被用來吸引好運。 根據你所選擇的蠟燭顏色帶給你的幸運類型。這是對您的儀式和蠟燭魔法的有力補充,有助於消除和摧毀負面影響;也能用於愛情、能量等的咒語和儀式。


✣ 紅色:愛、自愛、性激情、能量、生育能力和勇氣
✣ 黑色:用於擺脫麻煩的人、召喚、保護和復仇
✣ 綠色:用來得到金錢、自然法術、繁榮、治療和豐盛
✣ 白色:用於家庭和工作中的和平;得到淨化、好運、冥想和精神工作。


- 使用須知 - 
1. 點燃前取下所有包裝;切勿在無人看管下燃燒蠟燭。

Cats are believed to have nine lives and to always land on their feet, so cat candles are used to attract good luck. Choose your candle color based on the type of luck you wish to draw to you.
This is a powerful addition to your rituals and candle magic, aiding in banishing and destroying negative influences. Use for spells and rituals for love, energy and more.

✣ Red:Passionate love;Use for Love, Romance, Sexual Energy and more.
✣ Black:: Use for Getting rid of bothersome people, Conjuring, Protection, and Revenge.
✣ Green:Fertility or prosperity; Use for Money, Luck, Success, Job and Gambling
✣ White:Blessing or any other purpose;Use for Peace in Home & Work; Helping, Blessings, Wishes, Healings

Measures approx.  7.5“ 
Approximate burn times : (According to the actual situation)

Cautions:Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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