Bring Love & Friendship Charm〔充滿愛和友誼〕

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在圓筒的護身符上刻有力量的文字和符號,幫助將愛情、友誼和其他形式的友誼帶入生活中。 佩戴它既有助於在社交場合鼓勵自己,也有助於鼓勵他人接近你,並以其他方式建立充滿愛和持久友誼的生活。 

長度約1 1/2",配同黑色尼龍繩;可以戴在衣服上、放在口袋或手袋裡隨身攜帶。

Taking the form of a pewter cylinder, this amulet has been inscribed with words and signs of power that are intended to help bring love, friendship, and other forms of companionship into your life. Wear it to both help encourage yourself in social situations and to help encourage others to approach you, and otherwise build a life full of love and lasting friendship.

This amulet measures 1 1/2" in length and hangs from a black nylon cord.
All products are handmade. Made in USA.

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