Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurarai

這個基於慶祝 Rider-Waite 的塔羅牌的出現和紀念美麗而神奇的黑貓(喵~)。 這套奇特的套牌巧妙地將貓科動物的特徵和傳說融入了傳統的塔羅牌原型,捕捉這些貓咪們在現實與幻想、世俗與神秘世界之間穿梭,再結合了心理學和魔法﹐表現靈性世界和現實世界的結合。 這些黑貓非常可愛又非常聰明,並有著魔力和洞察力,鼓勵你探索自己的原始的內心渴望與本性。

✍︎  包含 63 頁說明書,78張塔羅牌,卡片疊為 4 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1"。
✍︎  店內塔羅牌與占卜工具都是由當地生產商/發行商直送到HolyBubbles

This Rider-Waite-based tarot celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly incorporating feline characteristics and legend into traditional tarot archetypes, this fanciful deck captures these creatures moving between worlds of reality and fantasy, the mundane and mystical. Disarmingly cute yet unmistakably wise, the black cats encourage you to explore your own animal nature. 

✍︎  63 page instructional booklet included. 78 cards. Card stack is 4 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1".
✍︎ Tarot cards & divination tools in the store are delivered directly to HolyBubbles by local producers/distributors. 

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