Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Radleigh Valentine


有時,你需要一個簡單而中肯的答案來回答你的問題,例如「是或否?」和「我什麼時候能得到那份工作,遇見我的靈魂伴侶,搬到更好的地方,等等?」。 當需要簡短但甜蜜的回應時,此卡片組可為您提供值得信賴的指導。天使塔羅牌的暢銷書作者拉德利·瓦倫丁在隨附的指南中提供了 44 張精美插圖的神諭卡和說明。在此修訂版中,指南和卡片已更新,使它們更易於使用,因此你可以獲得更清晰的答案。 使用 Angel Answers Oracle Cards,你將清楚地收到守護天使直接而充滿愛意的信息。

✍︎  包含說明書,44張神諭卡
✍︎  店內塔羅牌與占卜工具都是由當地生產商/發行商直送到HolyBubbles

Simple, trustworthy and direct advice from your angels.

Sometimes, you need a simple and to-the-point answer to your questions, such as 'Is it yes or no?' and 'When will I get that job, meet my soul mate, move to a better location, and so on?'. This card deck offers you trustworthy guidance when a short-but-sweet response is required. In this revised edition, the guidebook and cards have been updated to make them even easier to use so you get the clarity you're seeking. With Angel Answers Oracle Cards, you'll clearly receive your guardian angel's direct and loving messages.

✍︎  Radleigh Valentine, the bestselling author of Angel Tarot Cards offers 44 beautifully illustrated cards and step-by-step instructions in the accompanying guidebook.
✍︎ Tarot cards & divination tools in the store are delivered directly to HolyBubbles by local producers/distributors. 

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