AGUA LUNA〔提升超能力〕

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南方聖水用來加強用家的意圖和念力。 可以將它們撒在儀式工具上作加強效力,也可用在個人身體、沐浴之中進行加強力量、祝福和奉獻。

- 功用 - 
✣ Clairvoyance(靈視):塗在眼睛的周圍
✣ Clairaudience(天聽):塗在耳朵周圍,
✣ Clairsentience(超覺知力):適用於手和身體

Fluidic capacitors are Southern Waters which serve to reinforce the operator's intention. Use them as a local application or as a sprinkle on your ritual tools, to make markings, in bath water, in rinsing water, in personal ablutions or to make charges, blessings and consecrations.

Clairvoyance: apply around the eyes,
Clairaudience: apply around the ears,
Clairsentience: apply to the hands and body 

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