AGUA de RUDA〔強力綠魔法〕

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南方聖水,用來加強用家的意圖和念力。 可以將它們撒在儀式工具上作加強效力,也可用在個人身體、沐浴之中進行加強力量、祝福和奉獻。

- 功用 - 
✣ 身體或心靈的繁榮
✣ 財富收益

✣ 與大自然連結

Fluidic capacitors are Southern Waters which serve to reinforce the operator's intention. Use them as a local application or as a sprinkle on your ritual tools, to make markings, in bath water, in rinsing water, in personal ablutions or to make charges, blessings and consecrations.

Fertility of body or mind, Abundance, Prosperity, Nature, Green Magic

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