Witchcraft Expel 〔去除法術〕

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驅逐巫術香水是一種特別手工製作的香水,用於分離、去除、拒絕和嚇跑任何威脅你的意志、你的精神、你的靈魂、你的身體或財產的妖術、巫術或巫術。 這種準備是普遍的神秘學的十二種最強大的深奧力量的成品。

包含:帶走敵人,驅蛇器,驅鬼,身體清潔劑,法術去除劑,邪惡去除劑,拆除邪惡,對抗嫉妒,阻止敵人和停止傷害。 這種香水會保護你,抵抗任何想要傷害你的人的精神攻擊和邪惡。 每天將它用作個人香水,將永遠征服。

The Expel Witchcraft perfume is a specially Handcrafted perfume to separate, remove, reject and scare away any kind of hex, witchcraft or sorcery that threatens your will, your spirit your soul, your body or your property. This preparation is a mixture of the twelve most powerful esoteric essences of the occultism universally.

Contains: Take away enemies, Snake Expeller, Cast Out Spirits, Body Cleaner, Spell Remover, Evil Remover, Tear Down Evil, Against Envy, Stop Enemy and Stop Damage. This mixture will defend you, resist spiritual assaults and evil from anybody who wants to harm you. Use it every day as your personal perfume and you will always conquer.

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