The New Mythic Tarot by Giovanni Caselli

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神話塔羅牌於 1989 年首次出版,25 年來一直在塔羅牌讀者中取得國際成功。喬瓦尼·卡塞利 (Giovanni Caselli) 的所有新插圖為這款經典套牌注入了新的活力。大阿卡納卡片插圖描繪了古典希臘神話中的神和女神、英雄和女英雄。這些熟悉的原型反映了我們自己的生活模式和經歷。影像蘊含豐富的心理洞察力,為尋求個人成長的人提供智慧與指引。小阿卡納以故事的形式呈現,伴隨著四件套裝中的每一件,每件都與不同的生活領域相關。

這本專業編寫的 256 頁插圖書引導讀者了解每張塔羅牌的神話、意象和象徵意義,以及卡片在內在層面和占卜層面的意義。給出了凱爾特十字傳播和行星傳播的說明,並帶有樣本讀數。
✍︎  包含說明書,78張塔羅牌。

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First published in 1989, The Mythic Tarot deck has been an international success with tarot readers for over 25 years. New life has been breathed into this classic deck with all new illustrations by Giovanni Caselli. The Major Arcana card illustrations depict the gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines of classical Greek mythology. These familiar archetypes reflect our own life patterns and experiences. The images are rich in psychological insight, providing wisdom and guidance for seekers of personal growth. The Minor Arcana are presented in the form of stories that accompany each of the four suits, each relating to a different sphere of life.

The expertly written 256-page illustrated book guides the reader through the myths, the imagery and symbolism of each tarot card, and the meaning of the card at both the inner level and the divinatory level. Instructions are given for the Celtic Cross spread and a Planetary Spread with sample readings.

78 cards, 
Book, 256 pp., illus., pb. (not sold separately)

✍︎  78 card deck with companion guidebook
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