Tarot Original (1909) by Waite & Smith

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亞瑟·愛德華·韋特 (Arthur Edward Waite) 和帕梅拉·科爾曼·史密斯 (Pamela Colman Smith) 的傑作,轉載自 1909 年 12 月的第一版原始永恆塔羅牌的頂級質量版本。 在著名作家和塔羅牌專家 Sasha Graham 的指導下,用於更清晰、有見地和深入的解讀。 

✍︎ 包括 78張全彩塔羅牌及說明
✍︎ 店內塔羅牌與占卜工具都是由當地生產商/發行商直送到HolyBubbles

The masterpiece by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, reproduced from the very first edition of December 1909 A top quality edition of the original timeless Tarot, for clear, insightful and deep Readings. With instruction by renowned writer and Tarot expert Sasha Graham.

✍︎ Includes

78 full colour tarot cards and instructions


✍︎ Tarot cards & divination tools in the store are delivered directly to HolyBubbles by local producers/distributors. 

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