Pamela Colman Smiths RWS Tarot Deck

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RWS Tarot Deck ™ 呈現帕梅拉·科爾曼·史密斯 (Pamela Colman Smith) 深受喜愛的 1909 年藝術作品,採用復古優雅的莫蘭迪色調搭配優雅的象牙羊皮紙邊框。這個正宗還原了當時作品的複制牌卡,並以她的手寫標題為特色,忠實於帕梅拉的原創作品,保留甲輕微的藝術缺陷經過時代洗禮之下的古董外觀

✍︎ 78 張塔羅紙牌包括一本 36 頁的塔羅牌含義小冊子
✍︎ 店內塔羅牌與占卜工具都是由當地生產商/發行商直送到HolyBubbles

RWS Tarot Deck™ presents the beloved 1909 artwork of Pamela Colman Smith in a refreshing new palette of soft, subtle colors framed with elegant ivory parchment borders. Staying true to Pamela’s original creation, this authentic reproduction deck features her hand-lettered titles. Minor art flaws have been left untouched to preserve the antique appearance of the deck.

✍︎ 78-card deck includes a 36-page booklet of tarot meanings with Introduction by Stuart R. Kaplan.
✍︎ Tarot cards & divination tools in the store are delivered directly to HolyBubbles by local producers/distributors. 

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