Radiant Pearl Facial Bar

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Radiant Pearl Facial Bar採用有機,公平貿易乳木果油和可持續棕櫚油製成。 它的配方可以提取多餘的油脂和污垢,同時保持溫和和保濕。 同時使用我們的舒緩面部爽膚水和Lucidum面部精華液,使肌膚獲得更完整的全天然護膚程序。

椰子油*,RSPO可持續棕櫚油*, 植物甘油,水,氫氧化鈉,沙棘提取物, 胡蘿蔔提取物,乳木果油*,高嶺土, 山梨糖醇,丙二醇(源自植物)

The Radiant Pearl Facial Bar is made with organic, fair trade shea butter and sustainable palm oil. It has been formulated to extract excess oils and dirt, while still being gentle and hydrating. Use this with our Soothing Facial Toner and Lucidum Facial Serum for a fantastic all-natural skincare routine. This soap is shaped like a seashell with pearly white coloration.

Coconut oil*, RSPO sustainable palm oil*, vegetable glycerin, water, sodium hydroxide, buckthorn extract, carrot extract, shea butter*, kaolin clay, sorbitol, propylene glycol (vegetable-derived),
sorbitan oleate, vitamin e, castor oil, oat protein. (*organic)"

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