Pompeia Perfume〔愛的咒語〕

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L.T. PiverPompeia是一款西普香型花香調的女用香水。 Pompeia是在1907年推出的。 Pompeia是調香師Jacques Rouche Georges Darzens調制的。 前調是天竺葵, 薰衣草 檸檬; 中調是鳶尾, 依蘭, 玫瑰(薔薇) 茉莉; 基調是廣藿香。


Pompeia or as it is also called Lotion Pompeia is a sweet scented perfume first made in France by fragrance experts Jacques Rouche and Georges Darzens in 1907 as a high quality women’s perfume. The scent of Pompeia is floral and potent.

In Haitian Vodou, Pompeia is used as an offering to the Rada Lwa, especially Erzulie Freda and bottles of it are often sprinkled on altars for the lwa and before services dedicated to the rada lwa. I first learned of Pompeia years ago in Massachusetts from a Puerto Rican Santera and Espiritista who used it as an ingredient in love spells and spiritual baths. The Santera was a daughter of Ochun and would always have a bottle of Pompeia on her altar as an offering to her patron orisha.

Uses: Sweet scent. alluring to the goddess. spirit communication, purification, calming, peace, promotes tranquility, refreshes aura.

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