Needed Change Power Candle〔生活帶來改變〕


帶來擺脫你可能陷入的陳規的即時改變。通過釋放負面能量和模式來改變你需要的東西。 扭轉生活中可能阻礙您進步的慣性。 這種混合物也被稱為驅逐蠟燭。 

- Blessing - 
I call on forces higher than I to release the blockages I have held inside. May this change come in the most positive way, filling me with love on this wondrous day. This I make happen and so it will be, changing energies so that all may be free. Harming none is what I see. This I make true.

- 香氣 - 
散發著 檀香的香氣

- 功用 - 
✣ 即是為生活帶來改變

尺寸:小蠟燭 1.5“ x 2“, 大蠟燭 2" x 4"

燃燒時間:小蠟燭 約10小時, 大蠟燭 約40 小時

- 使用須知 - 
1. 點燃前取下所有包裝
2. 在通風情況下燃燒,附近不要擺放易燃物
3. 太長的燭芯修剪預留約0.8公分就可以
4. 利用蓋子或滅燭器熄滅燭火,不可用口吹熄
5. 如果火焰看起來太高和/或冒煙,請熄滅蠟燭
6. 睡覺前請記得熄滅蠟燭,不可點著睡覺
7. 孕婦或有特殊醫療條件者,請在使用前諮詢醫生

Bring about the instant change needed to get out of that rut you may be stuck in. Change what you need by releasing negative energies and patterns. Reverse the inertia in your life that may keep you from progressing. This blend is also known as the banishing candle.

 Blessing: I willingly let go of my past, anticipating the new path I now embark upon.

A creamy candle with a heavy sandalwood scent. 
Each votive burns for 10 hours.
2“ x 4“ pillar burns for 40 hours.

Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.


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