Muir Woods Candle 8.5oz

雄偉森林魔法油蠟燭 〕

一億五千萬年前,古老的紅杉樹聳立在整個北美地區,而今天僅在太平洋西北部相對較小的區域存在。 令人驚嘆的舊金山北部〝穆爾紅木林國家公園保護區〞是一片獨特的古老沿海紅杉,光線微妙地過濾進來,是一個薄霧、肥沃的地方,這是一個讓人感到震撼來的地方。 Muir Woods 旨在喚起我們在雄偉森林中漫步的氣味記憶,是受歡迎的芳香氣味之一

- 香氣 - 

- 成份 - 
棉芯、不含 GMM 的大豆蠟、有機椰子油、有機精油



- 使用須知 - 

1. 點燃前取下所有包裝
2. 在通風情況下燃燒,附近不要擺放易燃物
3. 太長的燭芯修剪預留約0.8公分就可以
4. 利用蓋子或滅燭器熄滅燭火,不可用口吹熄
5. 如果火焰看起來太高和/或冒煙,請熄滅蠟燭
6. 睡覺前請記得熄滅蠟燭,不可點著睡覺
7. 孕婦或有特殊醫療條件者,請在使用前諮詢醫生
8. 本產品僅供外用,請放置於幼童不易取得之處。
9. 因個人膚質不同,若使用時有任何異常或不適症狀,請立即停止使用,並洽詢皮膚科醫生。     
10. 如不慎誤入眼睛時,請勿搓揉,立刻用大量清水沖洗,若仍有不適請儘速就醫治療。

Every fresh botanical abounds.

So very long ago, ancient redwood trees towered over the entire landscape of North America—one hundred and fifty million years ago, to be more exact. Today, they exist only as a relatively small swathe in the Pacific northwest. The astonishing Muir Woods is a distinct stand of old-growth coastal redwoods, just north of San Francisco. It is a misty, loamy place where light filters in delicately. It’s a place which takes one’s breath away. Crafted to call up our known, scent memory of strolling in majestic woods, Muir Woods is one of most popular aromatic scents.

- Notes  - 
Cedar, Bergamot, & Bayberry.

Cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, proprietary blend of organic essential oils 

Rich in nutrients, liquid soy wax is safe to smooth onto skin. Trim the wick & burn a full pool of wax each lighting. Plunge wick into liquid wax to extinguish it smoke free.

1. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Stop using if irritation occurs or allergy symptoms appear and consult your doctor if symptoms persist.     
3. Avoid direct contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse with water.
4. Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.


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