Making Magick Oracle (Boxed Set) by Priestess Moon

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這是廣受歡迎的 Making Magick Mini Oracle 的備受期待版本。 女祭司月亮的魔法印記印在圓形 神諭卡上,是占卜或魔法的絕佳工具。

這副 36 張牌的牌組附帶一本 96 頁的小冊子,解釋了每個符號的含義和用途。 幾千年來,符號一直被用作護身符來吸引好運、繁榮、治愈、愛情和成功,並被用作護身符來驅散不必要的影響。 進入魔法符號的迷人世界! 每張 神諭卡都以中世紀魅力、古代符號、煉金術字形和 Priestess Moon 自己的通靈印記的動態組合為特色,描繪了一個強大的密碼,旨在讓未來向你展現。


有多種方法可以使用 Making Magick Oracle 套牌。 一種方法是洗牌,讓一個符號選擇你,這很可能表明你生活中的某個領域正在被引導更密切地合作。 在符號前點亮蠟燭,讓密碼發揮其魔力。 將 神諭卡放在您經常可以看到的顯眼位置,最好是一整天都可以看到。

或者,使用這些華麗的 神諭卡來增強您的魔法工作和/或成功實現目標。 從牌組中主動選擇想要使用的符號,在選擇的 神諭卡前點燃蠟燭,並專注於想要的結果以獲得出色的結果。

✍︎  包含說明書,36張神諭卡。
✍︎  店內塔羅牌與占卜工具都是由當地生產商/發行商直送到HolyBubbles

This the much-anticipated larger version of the popular Making Magick Mini Oracle deck. Priestess Moon's enchanted sigils are printed on round cards, and will make excellent tools for your divination or spellwork. The 36-card deck comes with a 96-page booklet explaining the meaning and use of each symbol.

Symbols have been used as talismans for thousands of years to attract good luck, prosperity, healing, love, and success, as well as being employed as amulets to repel unwanted influences. Enter the charmed world of magickal symbols!

Featuring a dynamic combination of medieval charms, ancient symbols, alchemical glyphs, and Priestess Moon's own channeled sigils, each card depicts a powerful cypher that has been designed to tilt the future in your favor.

-How to Use the Cards-
There are a variety of ways to use the Making Magick Oracle deck. One way is to shuffle the cards and let a symbol choose you, the likelihood being it will indicate an area of your life you are being guided to work with more closely. Light a candle in front of the symbol and let the cypher work its magick. Leave the card in a prominent place where you can see it often, and ideally for the whole day.

Alternatively, use these gorgeous cards as an added boost to your spell work and/or successful achievement of goals. Actively select a symbol you would like to work with from the deck, light a candle in front of your chosen card and focus on the desired outcome for excellent results.

✍︎ Offers 36 beautifully illustrated cards and step-by-step instructions in the accompanying guidebook.
✍︎ Tarot cards & divination tools in the store are delivered directly to HolyBubbles by local producers/distributors. 

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