Lucky 7 Days Wish Candle

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每支蠟燭有七個,代表七個願望! 可以為每個願望燃燒一個旋鈕……或每天一個旋鈕。 如果你有一個或多個願望,請在每個旋鈕上刻上與您的願望相關的簡短單詞或符號。 用與願望相關的魔法油塗抹並點燃蠟燭(每晚一個旋鈕)七個晚上。

✣ 紅色:愛情和浪漫魔法,加強力量、意志、行動力的愛等等
✣ 黑色:用於阻止煩人的人;保護;復仇;胡毒魔法
✣ 綠色:用於金錢、運氣、成功、工作和賭博
✣ 白色:用於家庭和工作中的和平;得到幫助、祝福、願望、治療




- 使用須知 - 
1. 點燃前取下所有包裝;切勿在無人看管下燃燒蠟燭。

There are seven knobs in each candle for seven wishes! You may burn a knob for each wish... or a knob each day. If you have a wish or wishes, carve a brief word or symbol associated with your wish/wishes onto each knob. Anoint with oil associated with your wish and burn your candle (one knob each evening) for seven evenings.

✣ Red:Passionate love;Use for Love, Romance, Sexual Energy and more.
✣ Black:Banishing or protection;Conjuring; Protection; Revenge; Hoodoo
✣ Green:Fertility or prosperity; Use for Money, Luck, Success, Job and Gambling
✣ White:Blessing or any other purpose;Use for Peace in Home & Work; Helping, Blessings, Wishes, Healings

Measures approx.  7.5“ 
Approximate burn times : (According to the actual situation)

Cautions:Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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