Lucidum Serum〔靈芝精華〕

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以奇異蘑菇Ganoderma lucidum命名的Reishi靈芝,來自Sea Witch Botanicals™的新Lucidum面部精華素因其促進喚發肌膚,滋潤皮膚卻不太油膩而得到好評如潮。這是面部精華素使用了抗衰老的成份,如沙棘,蕁麻和乳香,讓你的皮膚感覺容光煥發。



基底油[椰子,非轉基因葡萄籽,米糠,維生素E],植物提取物 [沙棘,胡蘿蔔,蕁麻,靈芝,玫瑰果,迷迭香],精油[佛手柑,乳香]

Named after the miracle mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, the Reishi mushroom, the new Lucidum Facial Serum from Sea Witch Botanicals™ has been getting rave reviews for its penchant for promoting glowing, dewy skin without being too oily. I have used anti-aging agents such as sea buckthorn, nettle, and frankincense to keep your skin feeling radiant.

There is not much that reishi mushrooms won't do. These fantastic fungi have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties. Further research is being done on the impact of reishi on cancerous cells.

Natural carrier oils [coconut, non-GMO grape seed, rice bran, vitamin E], botanical extracts [sea buckthorn, carrot, nettle, reishi, rosehip, rosemary], essential oils [bergamot, frankincense] "

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