Love Mixture〔愛情魔法草藥〕

混合7 種著名的愛情草藥搭配 5 種著名的愛情油,專門用於幫助將愛、愛情帶入你的生活,或幫助你去愛別人和讓心儀的對象愛上你。

- 用法 
可以放在木炭上燃燒作為熏香一樣;如果用作沐浴儀式,可以將草藥直接灑入沐浴水中或放入布袋中,然後與你一起浸泡;如果用於魔法袋,請將草藥與有關實現願望的用品一起放入袋中; 也非常適合用於蠟燭魔法或簡單地用作香引。

Blended of a mix of herbs chosen for specifically to aid and empower spells of intended to bring love into your life, or help the one that you desire fall for you.

Here are some examples: as an incense herbal spell mix can be burned similar to granular incense. If used as a ritual bath, herbal spell mix can be sprinkled directly into your bath water or placed into a fabric bag and then soaked along with you. If used for charm and mojo bags, place the herbal mix into the bag with your other ingredients.  Also great for use in candle magic or simply as potpourri.

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