League of Success Perfume〔45種成功元素香水〕

〔 45種成功元素香水 〕

League of Success Perfume - 這款傳奇香水包含 45 種成功元素,例如草藥、根和護身符,可助你獲得好運、成功,在愛情、金錢、商業就業和健康方面的一切中取得勝利! 帶著信心使用它,這種傳說中的油可以保護你免受嫉妒、不良習慣、巫術、不良能量、騙子和小偷的侵害,以及你自己的壞習慣。

- 魔法用法 -


容量:2 安士

 魔法須知 - 
1. 請先於手腕內側少量測試,如遇過敏請用大量清水沖洗。
2. 以上根據產品描述出售,結果會因個別情況而有所不同。

League of Success Perfume- This Legendary Perfume contains 45 elements such as herbs, roots, and amulets for good luck, success and to obtain victory in everything you do!

Using the League of Success Perfume you will accomplish triumph, success, and victory in love, money, business employment, and health. Using it with faith gives you protection against envy, bad habits, witchcraft, bad energy, cheaters, and thieves.

 It's most widely used on petitions and/or candles when stating intentions. You can also treat your luck charms and mojo bag items. Once you're finished with the entire bottle, the makers recommend that you bury it in front of a tree, or if that's not possible (it's a plastic bottle), wrap it well and keep it away from sunlight.

2 oz Tin Made in Colombia
Contains: Herbs and Amulets

1. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Stop using if irritation occurs or allergy symptoms appear and consult your doctor if symptoms persist.     
3. Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed. 

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