Jalea Africana〔忠誠熱情〕

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〔 忠誠熱情香水 〕


- 魔法用法 -

容量:1 安士

 魔法須知 - 
1. 請先於手腕內側少量測試,如遇過敏請用大量清水沖洗。
2. 以上根據產品描述出售,結果會因個別情況而有所不同。

With this perfume the man feels complete happiness and is inclined, in a voluntary and passionate way, to fall in love more and more with his partner and to be always faithful to him. This perfume is also highly recommended for works and love rituals.

1/2oz  Made in Africa
This African extract from the Kinsashas Tribe of the Congo River Basin in Africa

1. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Stop using if irritation occurs or allergy symptoms appear and consult your doctor if symptoms persist.     
3. Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed. 

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