Hoyt's Cologne〔超級三倍運氣〕

自1900年起,超級出名的霍伊特科隆水(Hoyt's Cologne)可帶來快速的運氣或三倍的運氣和成功,在賭徒中很受歡迎的物品。

Hoyt's Cologne的特別用法: 每週使用一次Hoyt's Cologne在魔法袋側面輕拍一點,以加強魔法力;在Hoyt's Cologne的瓶內放一些High John the Conqueror Root 和 Bo'Hog Root來吸引女人的愛

- 功用
✣ 尋找金錢機會和愛情

- 魔法用法 -

 魔法須知 - 
1. 請先於手腕內側少量測試,如遇過敏請用大量清水沖洗。
2. 以上根據產品描述出售,結果會因個別情況而有所不同。

Hoyt's Cologne is a traditional cologne used in conjure and hoodoo for dressing mojo bags, gambling luck, and for success. Hoyt's cologne was reputed to bring fast luck or triple your luck since the early 1900's A very popular item among gamblers. It was used by business owners who claimed that on the days they wore it and doused their places of business, sales were much higher.

[ Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed. ] 

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