Full Moon Essence Potion〔滿月力量〕

豐盛。 感激之光。 收穫禮物。 高潮、啟示、啟示和慶典。 精神傳遞。 揭開面紗,步入光明。 答案來了。 說謝謝。


使用說明:每天最多服用 3 次,每次 3-10 滴,或根據需要服用。 灑在您的枕頭、水晶、蠟燭或任何想要的身體部位,無論是在滿月階段還是當您想要培養和喚起更多這些能量時。

產品詳情:每瓶藥水都裝在一個 30mL/1oz 的滴瓶中。 藥劑在白蘭地中蒸餾。


Abundance. Shining gratitude. Harvesting gifts. Culminations, illuminations, revelations, and celebrations. Psychic transmissions. The veil lifts, step into the light. The answers come. Say thank you.

Ingredients: Rainbow moonstone, white precious opal, silver, naked lady, mugwort, white birch, Full Moon whale songs in honey brandy

Instructions for Use: Take 3-10 drops up to 3x daily, or as needed. Sprinkle on your pillow, crystals, candles, or any desired body parts, either during the Full phase of the Moon or when you want to cultivate & invoke more of these qualities.

Product Details: Each potion comes in a 30mL/ 1oz dropper bottle. Potions are distilled in brandy.

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