CUT & CLEAR Mojo〔得到解放〕

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- 功用 - 
✣ 得到解放
✣ 鼓起勇氣
✣ 摧毀依賴和不健康狀況


This is a talisman or amulet which protects its wearer and brings him luck and which usually designates a small cloth bag worn on one's person. 

Cut-Link, Liberation, Promotes the courage to destroy dependencies and unhealthy situations.

Traditionally, it is customary to sensitize it to the energies of the wearer. We will therefore add to the fabric of the bag: a little sweat, a tear, saliva, or a drop of urine. In some communities it was recommended that women wear it on the left side, men on the right side. It can also be placed under the pillow during sleep. Once consecrated and activated (sensitized by the wearer) it should never be opened or touched by someone else, at the risk of weakening its Magic.


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