Change your Luck Charm〔好運過來〕

一面帶有幸運月亮的佛像,另一面帶有多個吉祥好運符號。 如果運氣已經離你而去,穿上它並相信它,它會回來的。

長度約1 1/2",配同黑色尼龍繩;可以戴在衣服上、放在口袋或手袋裡隨身攜帶。

Shows the image of Buddha with a luck moon on one side, and balanced on the other with several more symbols of good fortune. If your luck has left you, wear this and have faith, and it will come back.

This amulet measures 1 1/2" in length and hangs from a black nylon cord.
All products are handmade. Made in USA.

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